Engage & Update Website Visitors

Deliver engaging updates, notifications and general announcements to a Newsfeed widget inside your software or on your public website. 

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Use Case 1: Engage Website Visitors

Engage leads and website visitors with product updates and special offers!


Notify website visitors of sales, discounts, promotions, updates or general business announcements.


Capture feedback and comments from website visitors so you can get inside their head.

Unlimited Visitors

High traffic website? No problem, Announcefly doesn't place any limitations on the number of visitors who open your Announcefly widget.

Use Case 2: Update Software Users

Deliver feature updates using the Newsfeed as a Changelog tool.

Bring Dormant Users Back

When you release a new feature, Announcefly automatically notifies everyone that wanted it, bringing dormant users back!

Beta Feedback

Release beta product release notifications, new features or general software-wide announcements.

User Suggestions

Capture feature suggestions from users so your team can visualise what customers are asking for, inside your feed.

Use Case 3: Display Webinars & Helpdocs

Integrate help documentation, webinars and videos inside your website or software in a sidebar feed.

Video Tutorials

Display YouTube videos inside your Newsfeed, perfect for showing walkthroughs or setup videos inside your tool. 


Add links to upcoming webinars, or embed the YouTube replay inside your Announcefly feed! Great for engagement and boosting registrants.

Help Documentation

Link to help documentation in your Announcefly Newsfeed widget inside your software or website so help is only a click away!

Used and loved by over 3000 companies

Everything You Need To Engage Customers

Announcefly is the only announcement tool you need for your website

Customise your Newsfeed

We make it super simple to turn on and off features of your Newsfeed like Allowing subscribers, suggestions and even let you add your brand icon to the feed!

Embed your Newsfeed in your website or software 

Add your Newsfeed inside your website or software to immediately start engaging, notifying and capturing lead information like full name and email whenever they submit feedback!

People Love Announcefly

AnnounceFly is very easy to use with an interactive walkthrough for newbies (like me) to install and deploy my first announcement/update in minutes.

Give it a try and you'll love it.


Customer Example

Intelli.tv uses Announcefly to boost interaction and engagement on their website, deliver feature updates and make general announcements to their growing customer base!

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